El Paso

Metropolitan Planning Organization


Active Transportation System


The Transportation Policy Board of the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) approved the Active Transportation System (ATS) at it’s July 22, 2016 meeting where a resolution was signed. 


The Active Transportation System (ATS) will promote greater accessibility, mobility, tourism, historical and cultural assets, bicycle and pedestrian friendly retail, greater economic opportunities, land use development/redevelopment, human health and greater quality of life within the planning areas of the El Paso MPO, Mesilla Valley MPO and Instituto Municipal de Investigacion y Planeacion (IMIP).


The ATS shall consist of regional significant infrastructure existing or plan within the following seven segments:


·       Avenida de Estrellas

·       International Beltway

·       El Paso Mission Trail

·       Paseo del Este

·       Warrior’s Way

·       Transmountain Trail

·       Solstice Track


The ATS shall also encompass the El Paso Bike Share Program and any future expansion to include a potential International Bike Share Project.





·     ATS Resolution and MAP

·     IMIP Presentation