The Congestion Management Process is a federally mandated process intended to examine the sources of congestion, evaluate alternative strategies for alleviating congestion, and monitor the performance of these strategies. EPMPO is required to assess strategies that are not traditional single-occupant vehicle (SOV) expansion projects (like roadway widening and new construction of general purpose travel lanes) before programming roadway capacity expansion construction projects.

The 2013 Congestion Management Process Document contains a framework for updating the CMP, including tasks that involve data collection needs/methods; linkages to project priority mechanisms; long-range transportation planning; and other efforts already underway at EPMPO. The document describes the eight steps for a CMP as outlined by FHWA.


2013 Congestion Management Process

Performance Indicators Report for 2015

Appendix A - 2040 Horizon Project List
Appendix B - CMP Goals
Historical Freeway Travel Times for 2015

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