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On June 13, 2011, in GIS, by epmpo

2013-2106 Transportation Improvement
Program (TIP) Projects (Horizon)

Multimodal Routes and Facilities

Top 10 Accident Sites

2040 Horizon Build Network

NMDOT Districts and
NM MPO Districts

Accident Fatalities

2040 Horizon Congested Management Process Network

Nonnattainment and Maintenance Boundaries

El Paso MPO Study Area

2040 Horizon Network Expansion

2040 Population and Employment Growths

MPO Planning Areas for Texas

2040 Horizon No Build Network

2040 Population Density

Major Transportation Facilities for the U.S.

Environmental Justice Zones

TxDOT Districts

Hazardous Cargo Routes

International Ports-of-Entry

TxDOT Districts and
MPO Planning Areas

Limited English Proficiency Population

Health and Human Services Transportation


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