Congestion Management Documents

Given the recent ozone non-attainment designation to El Paso-Las Cruces, Texas -New Mexico area, the EPMPO has seen the need to further evaluate projects included in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Part of this increase in scrutiny for new projects is to justify the need for projects that aim to increase the capacity of the corridor, specifically those longer than 1 mile. In addition to the identification of Travel Demand Management and Operational Strategies that will help manage the added capacity. For an initial review the MPO has developed a Project Checklist and Project Questionnaire that helps define the needs and justifications of these type of projects.

CMP Segment Performance Analysis- This document discuss in detail the different metrics analyzed for each congested segments first presented within the Congestion Management document

Congestion Management Process 2019- The most recent document of its type that helps identify congested corridors within the El Paso MPO and describes potential strategies that are aim in the reduction of congestion levels in the region

Performance Indicators Report 2015- This report conveys the status of congestion in the El Paso MPO and is intended to serve as a supplement for the 2013 Congestion Management Process

Congestion Management Process 2013- This document is an older version of the Congestion Management Process that was last updated in 2019