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Unified Planning Work Program

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is a two-year transportation planning work program detailing transportation planning, programs and services (work) to be performed by the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in support of the “3C” planning process whereby issues and projects are evaluated continuously, comprehensively, and cooperatively. It contains a listing of planning projects, programs and services performed by public and private transportation planning agencies and partnerships whose projects will have a regionally significant impact in the El Paso MPO region. The UPWP is an instrument for coordinating metropolitan transportation and air quality planning activities in the region.

UPWP FY2020-2021 w/Amendments
UPWP FY2018-2019 w/Amendments

UPWP FY2016-2017

UPWP FY2014-2015 w/Amendments


UPWP FY2012-2013