Interface: City of El Paso Fusion Center - City of El Paso Emergency Alert System

Architecture Flow Definitions

alerts and advisories  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Assessments (general incident and vulnerability awareness information), advisories (identification of threats or recommendations to increase preparedness levels), and alerts (information on imminent or in–progress emergencies). This flow also provides supporting descriptive detail on incidents, threats, and vulnerabilities to increase preparedness and support effective response to threats against the surface transportation system.

threat data for analysis  (Future)  Applicable ITS Standards

Data from surveillance or sensor equipment in secure areas provided for further analysis.

threat information  (Future)  Applicable ITS Standards

Threats regarding transportation infrastructure, facilities, or systems detected by a variety of methods (sensors, surveillance, threat analysis of advisories from outside agencies, etc.

threat support data  (Future)  Applicable ITS Standards

Information provided to help receiving agency identify possible threats, including biometric image processing support data.